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Prime Whole Beef Share - 500 Pounds Minimum

Prime Whole Beef Share - 500 Pounds Minimum

Secure Your Family's Food Supply with Over 2,000 Delicious servings in One Package

BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK! 500+ pounds & Free delivery!

Save $850.00

500 Pound Minimum. Over 2000 Four (4) Ounce Servings!

What's difference on our whole cow package? You actually get the whole cow. Everything from the beef, tallow, bones, organ meet and special cuts. You bought it so we're shipping it!

Pricing is based on 500lb box (this is a minimum weight). Package Weights are usually 550 - 600 pounds.

Packaging: Vacuum Sealed Individually. Ships Frozen & Ships FREE.

You'll receive one individual whole cow that's been pasture raised and finished properly. That means it’s been finished on grasses including clovers & legumes grown on regeneratively managed healthy soils. They’ve never been given an antibiotic or any type of natural or artificial hormone/implant treatment and never been fed processed or GMO foods including grains, corn or soy. They’ve been raised in a humane fashion where every animal is given dignity in open pastures to live instinctually as it was created to do. Finally, after it’s reached adulthood, it is humanely dispatched through our certified and inspected USDA processing plant in the calm & relaxed environment. It will be then aged for 14 days minimum, butchered and prepackaged in vacuum sealed packages and labeled. It will Fill up your families freezer with a minimum of 500 pounds (often up to 600 pounds) of flavorful beef products, packed with nutrients in a variety of cuts & packages & you can feel good about your purchase which supports local agriculture, the environment and animal welfare.

Here's an example of a Whole Cow package:

* 200 (16 oz. pkg.) Ground Beef & Flavored/Seasoned Ground Sausage (2/3 & 1/3)
* 20 (16 oz) Hamburger Patties (1/3 pound, 3/pk) OR Ground Beef Sausage (Customer Choice)
* 4 (8 oz. pkg.) Flank Steaks
* 4 (5-8 lb pkg.) Briskets
* 8 (3 lb pkg.) Chuck Roast (Bone In)
* 5 (8 oz.) Flat Iron Steak
* 27 (12 oz.) New York Strip
* 24 (16 oz.) Ribeye Steak (Bone In)
* 12 (12 oz.) Round Steak
* 6 (3 lb pkg.) Rump Roast (Boneless)
* 4 (2.5 lb pkg.) 4 Bone Short Ribs
* 2 (5 Lbs) 3 Bone Dino Plate Ribs

* 2 (2.5 lb) Tomahawk Steaks (2” Thick Cut) (IF AVAILABLE. If not available, Two extra ribeyes included)

* 7 (8-16 oz.) Skirt Steaks (Inside & Outside)
* 14 (6 oz.) Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)
* 17 (12 oz.) Sirloin Steak (Boneless)
* 4 (16 oz) Tri Tip Steaks
* 15 (16 oz) Marrow Bones - (Soup Bones)  
* 8 (8 oz) Chuck Eye Steaks
* 12 (16 oz) Osso Bucco (1.5" Thick)

Additional Specialties:
* Oxtail (3 lbs)
* Tongue  (Whole)
* Cheek (1 lb packages)
* Liver (1 lb packages) 
* Heart  (Packaged in 2 halves)
* Kidney (Packaged 2 wholes)
* Premium Beef Kidney Suet/Fat (For making Tallow)
* Option:

Heart & Liver can be ground and added into the ground beef for primal ground.

Note: At Heifer, Hog & Hen, we emphasize transparency and honesty, which is why we provide a minimum poundage for our whole, half, and quarter beef packages. This way, you know exactly what to expect when you place your order. However, we often deliver more than the stated minimum, as the exact weight of each animal varies. Our goal is to ensure that you receive a generous and satisfying amount of premium, pasture-raised beef for you and your family to enjoy, while providing a clear and honest estimate of what you can expect in your package.