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14-Day Dry-Aged London Broil Round Steaks. Delivering a flavor experience that's straight out of the swinging '60s.
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16 Ounce Packages (1 Pound)

Introducing our groovy Prime 14-Day Dry-Aged London Broil Round Steaks, baby! Prepare to be transported back to the swinging '60s as you embark on a culinary adventure that's simply shagadelic. These steaks are as smooth as Austin Powers himself, aged to perfection for 14 days to deliver an unforgettable taste that will have you exclaiming, "Yeah, baby, yeah!"

Our Prime 14-Day Dry-Aged London Broil is the secret agent of steaks, baby, boasting unparalleled tenderness and flavor that will make your taste buds do the frug. These groovy cuts have been dry-aged to develop a flavor profile that's as hip as Austin's fashion sense.

Whether you grill 'em or broil 'em, these steaks are ready to groove, baby. Cook 'em just right, and you'll be treated to a meaty extravaganza that's so satisfying it's downright dangerous. Prepare for a taste experience that's as bold and daring as an Austin Powers mission.

Pair your London Broil with all the funky fixings: smokin' hot mashed potatoes, groovy grilled veggies, or a fabulously colorful salad that'll make you say, "Oh, behave!" With each mouthwatering bite, you'll be transported to a world where the mojo flows freely and flavor reigns supreme.

Get your teeth into the epitome of '60s-inspired gastronomy with our Prime 14-Day Dry-Aged London Broil Steaks, baby. It's time to unleash your inner International Man of Mystery and let the meaty goodness take you on a thrilling flavor adventure that's straight out of the Austin Powers playbook.

Prepare for a culinary sensation that's as unforgettable as an Austin Powers catchphrase, baby. These London Broil Steaks will have you saying, "Yeah, baby, yeah!" as you savor the smoky, succulent experience that's oh-so-groovy.