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Dry Aged Flank Steak

Dry Aged Flank Steak

Unparalleled flavor and tenderness with our 16-ounce Prime Grade Angus Flank

Flank with Chimichurri is life changing!


16 Ounce (1 lb) Packages

Experience the pinnacle of gourmet dining right at your fingertips with our Prime Grade Angus Flank Steaks. Each 16-ounce package offers a slice of heaven: a premium cut that's been thoughtfully hand-trimmed and expertly portioned to ensure an unparalleled eating experience from the first bite to the last.

Raised exclusively on a regenerative ranch, our Angus cattle enjoy a life of freedom, grazing on lush, open pastures. This commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices not only nurtures the planet but also results in a flank steak with robust, earthy flavors and a texture that's incredibly tender and succulent.

To preserve its mouth-watering quality, each steak is vacuum-sealed, locking in the natural juices and complex flavors until you're ready to embrace your culinary muse. And speaking of culinary inspiration, consider these three delectable dishes to make the most of this versatile cut:

  1. Smoky BBQ Flank Steak: Infuse the steak with a marinade of smoked paprika, garlic, and your favorite barbecue sauce before grilling to caramelized perfection. Serve with grilled corn and a homemade coleslaw for a backyard feast.
  2. Mediterranean Flank Steak Salad: Grill the steak after marinating it in olive oil, rosemary, and a touch of lemon, then slice it against the grain. Toss with mixed greens, feta cheese, olives, and a balsamic reduction for a meal that's both light and indulgent.
  3. Argentinian Flank Steak with Chimichurri: Season the steak simply with salt and pepper before grilling, and serve with a side of zesty chimichurri sauce made from fresh parsley, garlic, vinegar, and olive oil. The perfect dish to highlight the steak's natural flavors.

Our Prime Grade Angus Flank Steaks aren’t just a meal; they're a journey—an unforgettable culinary adventure that will leave you eagerly anticipating your next dining experience. Choose ethical, choose delicious, and choose to make every meal an extraordinary one.