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All Natural, Pasture Raised, Whole Chicken

All Natural, Pasture Raised, Whole Chicken

3.875 Lb Average

Organic, Pastured Raised Goodness!

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Each bird weighs approximately 3.875 pounds. 

Experience the wholesome goodness of our Pasture-Raised Whole Chicken. Each bird weighs 3.875 pounds, offering plenty of succulent, flavorful meat for your dining delight.

Our chickens are certified organic, humanely raised on expansive pastures, where they freely forage for a diverse diet, bask in the sunlight, bathe in the dirt and exercise their wings. This respectful and natural lifestyle results in a chicken that is not only healthier but also far superior in taste and texture.

Each of our whole chickens is a culinary journey waiting to be embarked upon. The skin roasts up to a crispy perfection, protecting the moist and tender meat inside. The rich, aromatic flavors of the dark and white meat blend seamlessly, offering a harmonious symphony of taste in every bite.

A whole chicken offers you the creative liberty to cook it the way you want – roast it for a traditional meal, slow-cook for tender shredded chicken, or use it to create a savory, home-cooked broth. It's a versatile cut that is perfect for feeding a family or entertaining guests.

Raised without the use of vaccines, antibiotics (including ionophores in feed or water), growth stimulants whether it be synthetic hormones or genetically modified feed, our All Natural Pasture-Raised Whole Chickens are a testament to our commitment to ethical farming practices and superior quality. Experience the difference with our chicken – it's healthy, humane, and utterly delicious.