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"EAT DINO RIBS" Sticker by Heifer, Hog & Hen

Unleash your passion for the finest Texas beef with our "EAT DINO RIBS" sticker! Derived from our popular T-shirt design, this sticker encapsulates the electrifying excitement of an ecstatic gentleman, a vivid testament to the unparalleled taste and quality of our dino ribs.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Dimensions: Measuring at a compact 2" X 3", it's the ideal size to stand out without overpowering its surroundings.
  • Durable Design: Crafted for longevity, this sticker resists wear and tear, ensuring your message stays fresh and vibrant.
  • Versatile Adhesion: Whether it's your laptop, water bottle, car bumper, or notebook, this sticker adheres seamlessly, declaring your beef allegiance wherever you go.

Make A Statement: Stick it anywhere you fancy and let it serve as a bold proclamation of your support for US ranching and Heifer, Hog & Hen's premium Texas beef.

With our "EAT DINO RIBS" sticker, you're not just showcasing an emblem; you're echoing a sentiment, a tradition, and most importantly, a taste that's genuinely Texan. Grab yours and let the world know where you stand when it comes to the finest beef!