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Fresh Roasted Coffee - Masons

Fresh Roasted Coffee - Masons

Brewed with Backbone, Steeped in Tradition: Our Foundational Brew.

Fresh Roasted From Our Roastery

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12 Ounce bag - Blend - Natural, Washed Process - Medium-Light Roast

Region: Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Central America 

Masons Coffee: Brewed with Backbone, Steeped in Tradition

When it comes to coffee that captures the essence of hard work, family legacy, and foundational strength, look no further than our "Masons" line. Named after a remarkable man who laid the bedrock of American infrastructure, this coffee serves as a testament to the resilience, skill, and integrity of generations that came before us.

Flavor Profile

The "Masons" blend features a robust flavor palette designed for those who appreciate the rich, hard-earned tastes that can only come from masterful roasting. Its full-bodied character and aromatic presence serve as a reminder that some things—like skill, hard work, and quality coffee—never go out of style.


Each batch of "Masons" is a labor of love, expertly roasted to pay tribute to the strong hands that built roads and aqueducts we rely on today. It's our foundational brew, solidifying the pillars of craftsmanship and heritage that define our brand.

Why Choose Masons?

  • 🏗️ Structured Taste: Enjoy a coffee blend as dependable and structured as the man who inspired it.
  • 🛠️ Grit in Every Sip: Crafted for those who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and dive into the day.
  • 🤲 Handcrafted Quality: We put the same level of care and detail into our coffee as a master mason would into his work.

With "Masons," you're not just drinking coffee—you're savoring a brew steeped in tradition and built on strong hands. It's the foundational blend that not only kickstarts your day but also pays homage to a lineage of genuine craftsmanship.

Brewed with Backbone, Steeped in Tradition: Our Foundational Brew.