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Dry Aged NY Strip - 16oz

Dry Aged NY Strip - 16oz

16oz NY Strip

Indulge in the epitome of steak excellence with our Prime Angus Boneless NY Strip Steak, now in a generous 16oz cut. Sourced from the finest Angus beef, our steaks are a testament to quality and flavor. Raised in open pastures and nourished on a balanced diet, each bite promises a symphony of rich, complex flavors and succulent tenderness.

Hand-trimmed by our seasoned butchers, these steaks boast a consistent size and thickness, ensuring a flawless cook every time. Renowned for its perfect balance of tenderness and robust flavor, the NY Strip Steak is a favorite among discerning steak aficionados.

Elevate your dining experience with our Prime Angus Boneless NY Strip Steak – a culinary masterpiece that delivers unparalleled taste and satisfaction with every savory bite.