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Prime 28 Day Dry Aged Rump Roast

"The 'butt' of our jokes? Never! Our Prime Angus Rump Roast takes center stage in taste and tenderness."


Prime 28 Day Dry Aged Ribeye - Bone In - 48 oz

Who needs a gym membership when you can lift our 3-pound Ribeye Steak? Delicious and great for bicep curls!


Prime 28 Day Dry Aged Top Sirloin

Size matters... when it comes to flavor! Our 15-inch Top Sirloin tips the scales at 4 pounds, proving that 'bigger' truly is 'better'.


Prime 28 Day Dry Aged NY Strip Steak Boneless

Why 'take a bite' out of the Big Apple when you can savor a 'big bite' of our 2-pound NY Boneless Strip Steak?