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From Our Farms to Your Family's Table

Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence

At Heifer, Hog & Hen

Our passion lies in providing your family with exceptional, pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb & chicken. Our steadfast commitment to the welfare of our animals and the environment is evident in our adoption of sustainable and regenerative farming practices. Experience the unparalleled taste, quality, and nutrition that come from our ethically-raised offerings. Join us in making a conscious choice to support the well-being of your family, our animals, and the environment.

Animal Care & Well-Being

Our animals are raised with the utmost care in a natural and healthy environment that promotes their well-being. This ensures the healthiest animals, which results in the best possible flavor and nutrition in their meat. Our ruminants graze on pastures filled with healthy soils, supporting a flourishing ecology that produces nutrient-rich grass, clovers, and legumes. This environment allows them to live instinctually and with dignity, as nature intended.

Sustainable & Regenerative Farming

We firmly believe in permaculture and regenerative farming practices that benefit not only the animals but also the land and our community. Our methods focus on maintaining a healthy ecosystem, supporting soil health, and preserving natural resources for future generations.

Ethical Feeding Practices

Our ruminants are exclusively grass-fed, never consuming corn or soy products. Our omnivore animals, such as chickens, are also pasture-raised and forage for various sources of protein, contributing to their immune system health. Additionally, they receive a supplemental ration of organic feed without corn or soy ingredients.

No Unnecessary Treatments

We take great pride in never administering antibiotics or any type of natural or artificial hormones or implant treatments to our animals. Our methods prioritize their health and well-being, without resorting to shortcuts or artificial enhancements to increase profits. We deliberately choose to do this right and refuse to make excuses for poor management in order to inflate profits.

Access to Quality Meat: A Right, Not a Privilege

At Heifer, Hog & Hen, we believe that access to high-quality, ethically-raised meat should be a right, not a privilege. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible products, helping them make informed decisions about the food they serve their families.

By choosing Heifer, Hog & Hen, you're selecting wholesome, humane, and ethically-raised meats that you can feel good about serving your family. Experience the difference in taste and quality that comes from our dedication to sustainable, regenerative farming practices and exceptional animal care.